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I'll try to avoid repeating everyone else's comments by summarizing:

  • Departed camp @ 7:45 for an amazingly beautiful ride up Ike's Canyon.
  • Excellent camp spot in Ike's Canyon.
  • Frikkin' snow ain't stopping us this time!
  • Stoneberger Basin is absolutely stunning. One of my favorite rides of all time. Challenging in spots and absolutely stunning views. We'll have to go back.
  • Dano breaks his right wrist in a tip-over while breaking his fall. Then goes on to perform the Herculean task of riding 13.5 miles of technical, rocky jeep trail and then another 29 miles of gravel and pavement.

138 miles.7.5 hours (on the bikes).
200 miles, 3.5 hours (in the truck).

Some elaboration on the story with the state trooper.

Dano and I are riding up front when we pass the trooper at the side of the road. I start thinking to myself that maybe we should stop and solicit help or information from him. Just about then Dano pulls over and I'm thinking he had the same idea, but I believe he just needed to take a break. So I look in my mirror and see that Mark is pulling over behind us with the trooper in tow. "Great!", I think, "Mark flagged down the officer. Good job!"

Can't say enough about how helpful the officer was. He gave us some local intel - sadly that the Austin Urgent Care clinic was shut down. His best quote when asked about being the only officer in the region of small towns for miles at a time, "The towns are alright, but the hills have eyes".

The 100 mile slog back to Battle Mountain on the WR250R was just that - a slog. Sure, the little 250 will do 70, but it's a chore. At one point the bike simply died and wouldn't restart so I coasted to the side or the road and noticed the display was showing error code 19. Great. This was only half way to Battle Mountain. I cycled the power and it started up just fine. I decided to keep the pace below 70 the rest of the way.

Then the 100 mile drive back to Austin with the truck and trailer, load up the remaining bikes, Marc, and Dano, and another 100 miles back to Battle Mountain.

While filling up at the gas station in Austin a curious local struck up a conversation. I told him the tale of woe regarding Dano and said we were headed back to Battle Mountain because that's where the hospital was. He mentioned he was from Battle Mountain and said "Yeah - we got a hospital in Battle Mountain…. Not a very good one…."

I opted not to relay that message back to Dan.

Onto the pics of the day…

Packing up

Best camping spot of the trip

Mark in aspens

Even Google Earth has the snowbank we dug through

Dano about to drop into Stoneberger Basin

Danny on the KLR

Dano riding cautiously with Don and Danny keeping watch.

Dano (a.k.a Hercules)

Making arrangements for Dano once we hit pavement and got cell service.

Um… yeah… I think it's broken…

Chillaxin' in the AC with ice
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