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Day 6 continued

Alas, the asphalt didn't last...

I have taken my marine biologist hat off and I'm going to put on my geologist hat. Of course I don't have the knowledge to do either. I'm a geek...

However, I was speculating inside my helmet. Does anyone else do that? Hmmm, I wonder if that's really....?

Anyway, I was taking a few photos of what I thought "could be" the debris field from the impact crater. You see all of these LARGE boulders around the edges of the crater.

I know it's not a great photo but there are lots of big rocks strewn about over a very large area.

A video of this area:

We then began seeing large sections of hills/mountains having strange "blemishes".

The further we drove the more the road deteriorated. This was by far the worst section we had seen in quite awhile. I would hate to drive this when wet. Then we began seeing more railroad track and bundles of brand new ties about to be replaced.

Still more "blemishes".

I don't care what your beliefs or feelings are about mining. Or better yet, open pit mining. If you are an adventure rider you are probably riding to see the beauty of the environment. Well, open pit mining takes that away. I know we need to obtain the resources but we really need to find a better way.

The next few photos are of the Mont Wright mining operation. They are "moving" the mountain. You approach from one angle and can't see anything then BOOM you round a corner and see this:

An almost pure red lake. That's not normal....

I was saddened by what I was seeing. The orange flags I had been seeing on pick-up trucks was beginning to make sense.

Mont Wright was being mined. Destroyed. Nothing but a hole in the ground now.

The mining company responsible:ébec_...Mining_Company

A few more photos:

The tailings of the previous Mont Wright.

Notice the tires? Imagine those on a LARGE truck trying to run a motorcycle over.

A few other videos after Gagnon but before the mining operations:

Enough of the mining and downer type photos.

Next up? Success!!!! We did it!
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