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Day 6 Continued

The Big Land. What an appropriate name. It's big, it's desolate, it's harsh, it's beautiful, it's unforgiving.

We made it here

Our faithful ride, posing at the border of the Big Land.

Since we didn't get a good photo of our entrance into Quebec, we turned around and got one from the Labrador side!

OMG! I lost all my hair on this trip!

Can you believe the grin on that boys face? Makes a dad proud.

A few photos as we come into Labrador City

I work for a hospital so I take photos of healthcare related sites. This is a brand new facility not open yet. The sign says "Not open to the public"

We went to the McDonalds to eat and use the Wi-Fi to find a place to camp. That's when we find out that we just went over a time zone and are later than we think. Great. It's now 9pm and we do not have a place to stay. Dylan and I talk about it and also a young girl cleaning up. She says the minimum for a hotel in Lab City is $150. Damn! I don't want to pay that. A trucker who was watching a video on his laptop becomes concerned for us. He offers us some cash to eat or get a place to stay. I told him we were fine and have been camping for a week and will be ok. He offered to put the bike on his truck to get us "out of the mess we were in". We chuckled and assured him we were fine and enjoying the "dilemma" we were win.

We had seen a campground outside of town and headed back there. We entered the Duley Lake Family Park and thought we had entered anther world.

I did not take any photos as we entered the campground. We met Paul and he was rough around the edges. He was an owner and liked to drop F bombs. A lot. OMG those F'in lights (my LED lights) are F'in bright.

He said I have no F'in water, no F'in outhouses but I can put you up for the night for $10. Sold. He put us on a site that didn't have a camper and had called the guy to make sure he wasn't coming. Dylan get in my F'in truck and ride with me and give your F'in dad a break. I followed him to a site that was empty but lots of other RVs around.

It was dark as we set our tent up. Dylan wanted some earplugs. Smart move. I put mine in around midnight....gonna be a long "F'in" night.
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