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Day 7 Friday May 23

Hermosillo MX to Navojoa MX

Got up and on the road by 8 am. It gets hot early here. The hotel I was in was an Ibis hotel. It's a chain and it seemed rather upscale. They were all about water and energy conservation. The shower was nice and had an overhead rain shower head. I was up on the 6th floor.
I got an early lunch at a pollo stand.

I could order a whole chicken or a half a chicken.

I ordered half a chicken. It came with tortillas and all the fixins for tacos. I ate some of it as plain chicken and some I made into tacos. It was way more than enough food. Glad I didn't order whole one.

I made it to Ciudad Obregon before the bike started acting up again. I stopped there for a few hours and checked out the surrounding blocks where my bike finally ended up. This seemed to be a busy part of town. I was right in front of an indoor mall that covered an entire city block all the way out to the sidewalks.

Do you know that they sell motorcycles in their department stores right next to their appliances.

On the sidewalks there were cart vendors on the outside edge of the sidewalk facing in. Between the carts awnings and the buildings awnings it formed a tunnel. It was cooler in the tunnels. I really like shade.

Here's a crappy video of me walking around the block.

After my bike was in the shade for a couple hours I decided to risk it and try for the next town. It was only about 40 miles away. I made it to the toll booths before it died again.

That was about 30 miles in. I rested in front of the Federales building. They were all wondering what I was doing but no one ever came over to question me. A half hour or so later I pushed my bike through the toll booth then got on and started it on the other side. I didn't want to add any more heat than neccessary. I made it to about a mile from town this time. There was little shade here. At first I just put my bike in the dirt path beside the road which was about 5ft lower than the road. I realized I needed to find some shade for the bike or I'd be here awhile. I decided the culvert that went under the road would be a good spot. I stayed there until I figured I could continue on.
I finally took off again and made it to a hotel. It was right next to a Tecate Six stand. This is kind of like a small convenience store and outdoor bar. I walked over there and got a single XX then headed back to the hotel and read my book in the shade.

Here's what you get for about $20

Later I took a shower, did my laundry in the sink and went to bed.
I didn't even get electrocuted.

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