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First Ride

My friend rode this 2008 Wildfire to work for a season and then put it away for two years. It has less than 3000 miles on it so I acidified the new empty battery and hopped it up overnight. Replacing the old varnish with fresh gas probably made the initial start-up a bit easier.

Seeing my Father-in-law scooting along the brick alley behind the house reminded me of my first rides in that same alley.

Pittsburgh is not an easy city to navigate. Hills everywhere and not a single road is ever straight. So we jumped on our bikes to pick up another motorcycling friend for our first learn-the-roads ride.

We arrived at my friend's house. But then we had to break out the voltmeter since the bike wouldn't even turn over. Totalmente muerta.

Just then I remembered that the previous owner mentioned a periodic fuse problem. It has one of those old-school cylindrical fuses parallel with the main positive wire so my friend scrounged up three replacements from an old bike he has.

The first replacement burned out after a few seconds.

I had taken off the right switch-throttle assembly the day before to add a section of bicycle inner tube and keep it from rotating so we took it off again and checked it thoroughly. Nothing obvious.

Since night was approaching and we really didn't want to leave the bike at his house, we placed fuse #2 of 3 and planned a start-up procedure like they did in Apollo 13 for re-entry:

- Apply brake to allow bike to turn over.
- Kill switch ON
- Press start
- Turn on key
- Pray

I think the praying worked since it started up and we headed straight home. My friend followed in his car just in case something went really badly.

Disassembly and diagnosis tomorrow.
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