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Originally Posted by sdmichael View Post
It is funny about that... mostly about how it seems to worry others. Considering the places I've seen others wave (freeway interchanges, divided highways with trees in the median, other limited visibility places), you would think there was some committee to report to about who waved and who didn't.
I think you're kind of blowing out proportion the degree to which others are blowing this out of proportion. The OP didn't write some whine-filled missal about how badly his feelings were hurt. He just asked a question about what the gesture may or may not have meant. None of the responses have said anything like "when I wave and someone doesn't wave back I have to schedule three extra sessions with my analyst just to feel worthy of human contact again," or if they have it's been fairly obviously tongue-in-cheek.

Quite frankly, I think your inference that any of this "worries" anybody is an exaggeration. Most of the conversation has been observational, not judgmental. It's all just stuff people notice, the same way you'd notice if you said hello to someone you passed in the hallway and they completely ignored you. Nothing to get your panties in a wad about, but you'd probably notice it.
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