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June 14, 2014

Day 7

I lay in my sleeping bag most of the night wondering what on earth anyone would need a generator to run for that long for in the middle of the night.

I finally put my ear plugs in around 2am so I could get a little sleep.

When I woke up at 5am it was raining again. Great way to start your day.

I let Dylan sleep while I got up and looked around a bit during daylight hours to see who had the generator running.

A quick photo of our tent and where it was set up.

The generator was in the blue shed with the exhaust down in the lower right corner. You can see the proximity to the tent.

Right by the picnic table on the ground it looks like someone had ďlost their marblesĒ. Maybe it was the group with the generator.

I wandered around a bit (in the rain) and took a few more photos of the campground. Right in front of the red pickup truck are all the outhouses. Paul said he had removed them the day before and was going to replace them this weekend. Hence, no toilets and no water either.

May have been planning a giant bonfire!

Quite the little playground, eh?

Another shot of the office area. and the pile-o-outhouses. There were a LOT of RVís here. This was not a small operation. The price was right with nothing more than a patch of ground to pitch a tent.

We used the same routine that worked the previous morning in Baie-Comeau with Dylan packing the bags and pads so they stayed dry. The tent would be so cramped and Iím not very nimble anymore so I canít do it without getting cramped.

We didnít take long to pack. Headed to Tim Hortonís in Labrador City for breakfast and some fuel for the bike.

Notice the orange flag on that pickup truck. We didnít have oneÖI wonder if that could be an issue.

Then it was time to head toward Happy Valley-Goose Bay!

Again the terrain is changing.

Another selfie. Digital film is cheap.

Thank goodness these are kilometers and not miles!

Pretty nice road surface, eh? You can see for a long way again!

This area had most definitely been paved very recently. If youíre wanting to ride the TLH while itís still got some gravel on it you better hurry!

Still some very beautiful lakes and very secluded areas.

The rain will just not quit! Next up we hit gravelÖagain.
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