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Day 7 continued

I was hoping to stop and see Churchill Falls.

We drove by the river but I didn’t see any turnout or a sign for the falls. Yes, it was raining and I wasn’t focused too much on that. We proceeded toward Churchill Falls (the city) for fuel and a break.

Me no likey grated bridges.

We pulled into Churchill Falls and snapped a few photos. Remember this is a “company” town so most of the buildings all look alike.

In the gas bar, I asked a conservation warden who was in there how to get to the falls. He said “What’s left of them is back up the road by the bridge.” Crap, I’m not driving back there in the rain.

Off in the distance you can see all the power lines.

A close up.

I know it may not seem like we were too fired up to ride the Trans Labrador Highway but we were. It was exciting to finally start it, even though it was raining. When we hit the gravel section it didn’t intimidate us it was more like “oh, well, here we go again”.

Not only was it raining but it was cold, too. We kept our helmets on when we stopped just to keep the heat in.

Hmmm, maybe it will break up soon. The sky looks like it might!

There wasn’t a lot of gravel today but I was really tired. A couple of long days and very little sleep last night with that generator running all night.

As you can see in the videos it’s pretty desolate. That’s what we like. The rain is letting up a bit.

Only 234 more kilometers to Happy Valley-Goose Bay!!! You can see the rain still coming down once in awhile in front of the lens. Then my head movement gets the drop of rain off the lens and more shows up!

More raindrops on the lens. Couldn’t help it. It seemed that when we hit gravel it rained. Asphalt, it stopped.

Here’s the asphalt and it’s dry!

I’ve seen clear cuts but this is a bit of an extreme. That giant “lawnmower” got loose and went up over this mountain!

My guess, I’ve put my engineering hat on now, is that Hydro Quebec was going to be running some new power lines. In the US this would have met a great deal of opposition. I don’t know if that happens in Canada or not. I do know that some of the mining operations DID meet some opposition in Labrador City.

Only 85km!!!

Dyl is having fun!

Some beautiful rivers. Be the fishing would be great!

More recent scars from fire.

That "lawnmower" crossed the road and got loose on this side now.

Not paying attention again, I almost miss the HV-GB sign!

Now I'm seeing all the signs and getting photos of them no matter what they are!

Yup, you guessed it. The hospital. This one is open!

A remnant of days gone by. A US plane.

After last nights sleeplessness and the fact we are starting to um, smell a bit ripe, I thought after 7 days of camping and the last two or three in the rain that it was time for a hotel/motel. We stopped at the Royal Inn and Suites and got the last room they had. It only had one queen bed but Dylan and I were used to sleeping in a smaller space in our tent anyway!

We unpacked the bike and started the drying process of the tent and any gear that was wet. I started the laundry while Dylan took a shower. Once our showers and laundry were done we went into town. That's when we stopped at that gift shop 5 minutes before it closed. We felt like eating pizza so we went to Pizza Delight. Not bad.

We fueled the bike up and headed back to the hotel. Wi-Fi worked well so I could get some email off. I also copied all of our photos onto a micro SD card that I had in a Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

While I did all that Dylan crashed. We were both pretty tired. All the electronics were getting recharged, so why not us, too! We needed the respite of camping. It was nice not having to unpack and then pack up our sleeping gear and pads. We also had all the clothes we had packed clean!

Dylan is already in bed and out like a light

The days total mileage was 348 long, wet and cold miles.
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