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Being honest, polite, remorseful, old, having your shit together and being generally *not* a scumbag, can really grease the wheels.

I see it this way, the two reasons to stop someone for a traffic violation are:

1) Enforce safety laws and rules and reduce danger to other motorists
2) Fish for better and bigger stuff

So, if a person seems remorseful and appreciative of why their behavior was unacceptable, and they are generally a good person, they get a warning. I'd rather them pull away feeling *bad* about their behavior and want to correct it on their own, than pull away *angry* at receiving a ticket.

So to answer the OP's question. An old dude with full gear on a quiet motorcycle who was polite and cooperative... and wasn't doing anything more than just humping along at a good clip on the highway... that's a recipe for a warning if I've ever heard one.
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