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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
Thanantos, thanks for your responses. I didn't mean for this thread to become a dissertation re: personality disorders or anything even close to that. I'd just like some feedback from some actual LEO's who work in the real world. God Damn it!
Lol, no worries. I've been on this board a long time. I don't frequently out myself as LEO, but I recognized your post as sincere and genuinely seeking a real response from LEO rather than just the typical "All LEO's suck because I got a ticket for doing something illegal" posts that are so frequent on the net and especially here.

I provided my response knowing full well what that would mean and what the typical internet response would be.

In the end I'm happy to answer the question of one decent, sincere person and in response deal with the ire of the keyboard cowboys.
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