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Originally Posted by aldend123 View Post
Is it possible you weren't asking for much throttle when leaned over, so it was only when you stood it up and cranked the throttle you notice the effect of being in too high a gear for the acceleration you wanted? Any guesses what RPM you were at? If you were in 6th, going uphill, at 30mph, you could pin the throttle on most bikes and only get subtle acceleration.

Otherwise, possible that it was a fuel starvation issue. Maybe a sticky carb. But bets on just needed to click down a gear or three.
I think you're probably one the money. For the benefit of the person with the problem, the right gear to be going into a corner is the right gear to be coming out of the corner. How do you know the right gear to come out of a corner you've never ridden? Experience, and being aware of current revs as you're braking and changing down approaching the corner is about the best advice I can offer.

Regularly practicing on the same bit of twistie road with lots of variety is not a bad idea either. After a while you'll know the corners backwards and the correct gear to be in. When you riding somewhere completely new you'll just automatically relate each approaching corner to this 'mental database' you've built up.
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