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Day 8 Saturday May 24

Navojoa MX to Culiacan "Love Motel"MX

I woke up early. 5am early.

I hadn't eaten dinner last night due to not really being hungry and I still wasn't that hungry.

It was already light out. I loaded up the bike and headed out by 5:30. I wanted to get as far as possible before my bike started acting up.

I got to a "Love Motel" just south of Culiacan. There was a restaurant in the front of the place. I went in and had a late breakfast. They had AC and WiFi.

I inquired as to a nearby park or some place I could go relax in the shade. There was nothing near, so I decided I'd go back into the city proper to find one.

I hadn't been able to find any shade for my bike while I ate but I figured I might have a shot at making it to town. I was wrong. I made it less than a quarter mile away before it gave up the ghost again.
I pushed the bike back to the "Love Motel" and plopped myself in their AC for the day. The hotel charged in 6hr time slots, so I was going to wait to check in until I could sleep through till the morning.

The waitresses tried helping me out by calling around town looking for a pump for me, or should I say, my bike. Google translate is awesome by the way. None of them spoke any english and I speak only a very little Spanish but we were able to converse fairly easily.

Morning shift waitress in he front, evening shift waitress in the back.

The morning shift left and the afternoon shift came in. I ate dinner then when I was leaving my evening waitress verified that I was checking into the "Love motel" and made sure I knew where to go.

I got all checked in, which consisted of driving into the garage the attendant pointed me to then give him money for a 12hr stay. He then closed the garage door behind me. The only entrance into the room is through the single car garage. The room consisted of a large round bed with mirrors on the wall. A large curved couch along one wall. It was curved up like a banana chair at one end.The ceiling had large recessed circles of different sizes with mood lighting installed. The bathroom was all travertine tiles and actually quite nice. They even supplied 2 pair of shower booties.

Love Motel garage

I put on my booties and took a shower then went back up to the restaurant to get a beer. They only had Tecate Light. I decided to go next door to the OXXO (mexico's 7/11) and grab a couple that I might actually like.

When coming back, my evening waitress was walking out of the driveway from where the rooms were. We tried to converse but the WiFi didn't work outside of the restaurant, so we went back in and she started chatting me up. I got the impression that I was a potential "John" to her but she insisted that she wasn't a prostitute. She was curious about why I wouldn't pay for sex though. During this time all of the other waitresses were in the kitchen looking through the window at us. I found that hilarious. There was a whistle at one point from the kitchen and I inquired if that was from the TV or one of them was checking out my legs. After that, a second lady came out and joined us. I believe she was one of the cooks. They were trying to set me up with a different cook that was about 3x my size. I didn't so politely decline but I did apologize ahead of time for sounding like an ass.

These 2 liked to use a lot of slang phrases and I kept getting the impression that they were trying to entertain me for the night but they kept denying that.

I finally decided that I had better retire to my room or I wouldn't want to get up in the morning. I still had 2 beers to drink.

I went to my room drank my beers while I read my book then went to bed.
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