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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
Well, one other thing I can tell you about him is that he's been known, when he knows he's been busted, to pull over and wait for the cop to pull in behind him. He usually says something like "I knew you had me, just wanted to save you the trouble of chasin' me down". But the "bucket list"....not that I'm aware of.
The last time I got pulled over for speeding I saw the deputy turning around (he was going to the opposite direction) and I just pulled over and waited for him.

He asked why I had pulled over and I told him I saw him turn and figured he probably wanted to talk to me. He gave me a hard look, checked my license/registration/insurance, and sent me on my way with a warning.

Showing a bit of respect can go a long way.

I also have LEO friends who never write speeding tickets because they don't want to have to go to traffic court (they work drug interdiction, so as long as you don't have drugs when they stop you it's all good).
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