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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawk View Post
As far as I can figure, the two Harleys were black Road Glide Customs, FLTRXBFDWTFs. (I never have taken the time to figure out Harley's Scrabble Game system.)

All I know is that I wouldn't want to ride a Road Glide Custom at night on a two lane road without adding some kind of accessory lights.


I've read many of your posts and you bias towards HDs is easily inferred.

Why would one need to figure out HDs nomenclature anyway when all the bikes have names. You got it close with the FLTRX but the BFDWTF, does that imply Big Fucking Deal What The Fuck?

There are multiple bikes like HD Road Glides that have dual headlights mounted in close proximity.

All I know is I wouldn't want to ride my Road Glide Custom at night on a two lane road with you coming the other direction.
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