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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
Ernest, no offense, but what do you base your comments on? Just askin', again no offense intended.

I'd still really like to hear from LEOs.

From my experience. I've probably been stopped once a year the past ten years for exceeding the speed limit a little (less than 15 over). I've gotten one ticket out of those stops and that guy didn't even speak to me except for holding out his hand and saying "License and insurance please" The stop didn't last ten minutes start to end. All the rest started with something like "Where you going in such a hurry this morning?" Obviously the one guy had decided to give me the ticket before he got out of the car and the others hadn't made up their mind yet.

Now, as to why I don't get a ticket the great majority of the time? I guess that's up to conjecture, but I've got grey hair, ride a touring bike most of the time, I'm geared up and all my documentation is in order--registration, inspection, DL etc. My DL also says I'm a Veteran so that probably helps. Then this, I'm always respectful to the officer, look at his name tag and call him by his rank and name. Hell, I know I was breaking the law and that at that point the only thing between me and a ticket is goodwill.

For the one ticket, I went to court and asked to speak to the district attorney. He put me on deferred adjudication and probation for 90 days. No new ticket for 90 days and the original goes away. The cost was almost exactly the same as paying the ticket.
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