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Oh and random trailer rant speaking of taking it to dealer, WTF is up with the nonsensical 55mph trailer limit in CA? I bought a Kendon trailer precisely so I would be able to transport with ease, drove 80mph across the country with no issues, then get to CA on I-15 welcomed by all these crazy signs about a rolling roadblock speed limit enforced for trailers... Notice no one seems to follow it, but played it safe (at least I thought so) and set the cruise to 62mph... Was 10miles from new home and got pulled over and given a $750 ticket for speeding and not traveling in most right lane. CHP officer was a rotten human being, extremely hostile for no reason, and not interested in my explanation that I needed to merge left in 1mile from 210 to Ventura fwy (same fine for 'speeding' at 62mph with trailer in 75mph traffic as going over 100mph!!!???).

Between the discovery my new 1190 was eating dirt with no great options to take it to, the 100%BS $$$ fine, and the realization using a trailer is untenable in CA, this has been a really crappy first couple days here.
I pull a toyhauler here in CA a lot. A couple pointers that may not be apparent to those originally from free states. You may know this, but here it is...
1> Stay in the slow lane, that's the far right lane , unless passing. If the freeway is at least four lanes wide and traffic is merging onto the freeway, you can roll in the lane next to the slow lane. That's the law. Three lanes wide means slow lane except to pass. Nothing says "Bust Me!" like pulling a trailer in the fast lane or the one next to it. Not to mention pissing off the locals like me trying to get to work.
2> Drive the speed of the truckers. Roll and hide with the herd. They're usually rolling 65 anyway.
3> Be nice to the popo. A smile and respectfull manners will save ya hundreds of dollars!
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