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SAE connector and battery drain

Originally Posted by theycallmetrinity View Post
Hello there, I want to use my iphone 5 as a gps. I see you have different methods to hook up the sockets. As I read the direct connection to the battery slowly drains the battery. As I understand the sae connection only draining the battery when its charging a phone. Am I getting this right?

So if I get a sae unit how do I install it? Do I need a power outlet on the bike? My bike is stock this will be my first mod. Do you have tutorial...sorry for the nooby questions I'm not soo familiar with electronics.

The power socket you use, which ever you choose, will have a small current draw when plugged in - even if it's not connected to your phone. The SAE connector will have no effect on that (you'll still be using a bit of power) unless you unplug the SAE connector.

If you want to go simple - an SAE wired to the battery then wired to a USB charger will work but you MUST disconnect the SAE every time you're done riding the bike.

A better, simple solution - find a switched lead on your bike (head lights, FI, etc.) - something that's not on until the key is turned on. Connect the USB/charger outlet leads to the switched lead and mount the outlet where you'd like. Whenever you turn of the bike there is no more current draw, no chance of leaving the SAE connected accidentally overnight (as an example).

I've been using my iPhone5 for GPS for a little over a year now - in a Defender case, mounted to the bars with a Ram mount, powered with a homemade power distro system (fused, relay, multiple outputs) and it's been great. My Garmin Montana feels like a primitive tool after using the smart phone (it is more rugged though…)

Hope this helps!
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