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I hate, hate, hate to have anyone work on my bike, with the notable exception of Chris Parker (a client).


I recently experienced a very pesky electrical issue. Intermittent, as they tend to be, and elusive. I knew damn good and well it was a worn spot somewhere, grounding out and popping the fuse, but the bike would go for months- 8000 miles- before blowing the fuse again. Last time it was ascending the pass near Animas Forks. Tore the bike apart on the side of the trail trying to find the problem, but couldn't. Replaced the fuse the 5th time (after a lift from a fellow inmate into Durango) and it held until I got home. Clearly I needed a second set of eyes on the problem.

I have a KTM dealer within 1/2 mile of my home. I could damn near roll a bowling ball down the hill there and it would stop in their parking lot. They are a very hip kinda place, offer Ducatis, etc- lots of bearded hipsters. I know the owner and his family- great folks. I really, really want to be their customer.

But I take my bike (and bought my 500) from All American KTM in Ramona because they seem to actually WANT my business. RJ actually tries to help with issues and research- when I bought my 990 (used) he was instrumental in researching that bike and finally encouraging me to buy it- and not from him.

Yes, as with all dealerships, there are unsatisfied customers and/or bad experiences. Those suck, too. But he, unlike the guys downhill, don't blast their pride of indifference. Of course, I might just be an ass and they don't want me there (that's what they act like)- you'll have to decide that for yourself.

Nevertheless, I held my nose tightly and dropped my bike off in Ramona- about 45 minutes away from my home. They made special arrangements so I could drop it safely on July 4th, when they were closed. I wanted them to FIND THE ISSUE, not just make the bike run- it was running fine.

And they did. The found the worn wire, duplicated the fuse blowing, and have made the repair. I've not yet retrieved the bike, but suffice to say I'm very pleased with their service. Because I'm lazy and no-good, I had them adjust the valves and replace the waterpump while it was there.

Great guys, and I'll go back.
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