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Day 4 begins with a lovely continental breakfast.

Just kidding. I had a bagel and took the apple to go. We were a bit on the lazy side today as we didn't get on the road 'till 8:00.

I was having some new issues with the Enfield. The tach dancing was pretty erratic at some speeds, and although it was idling fine, when I tried to come off idle it would occasionally "pop" through the carb as if the timing was off. This was making red lights exciting due to the fact that I know from experience (with this bike) that if it pops through the carb and stalls, it generally takes 3-6 kicks to restart. Not fun in the middle of an intersection with traffic lined up behind you. It still wasn't enough of an issue that I felt I needed to tear into it, so we kept keeping on.

We were dang near into Alabama now. The culmination of days of planning and preparations would soon bear fruit in the simple crossing of this imaginary line somewhere in the boonies on this 2-lane road. And then there we were!

I was so excited I didn't even shut the Enfield off, It just sat on the stand and thumped away while we took some pictures. The whole way from home I was worried that some unforeseen mechanical malady would put the Enfield out of commission and turn my trip into a failure. Now that we were in Alabama I could relax and have fun. D wanted to go to the Heart of Dixie Harley store just south of Birmingham so that was our next destination.
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