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Twin headlights

Originally Posted by Sparrowhawk View Post
Thanks for your concern. Eyes recently checked OK, mid day, plenty of sleep, feellin' good, and paying attention. No drugs or alcohol even though we were driving between Washington and Colorado.

OK, I got curious. I'm on vacation and too lazy to try and post photos. As far as I can figure, the two Harleys were black Road Glide Customs, FLTRXBFDWTFs. (I never have taken the time to figure out Harley's Scrabble Game system.) Some mathematician could take the distance between those two headlights and those of a standard American car, figuring the bikes appeared maybe a quarter to a third mile away and come up with how close the two Harleys actually were. All I know is that I wouldn't want to ride a Road Glide Custom at night on a two lane road without adding some kind of accessory lights.

Be careful out there.

Ok I keep trying to give the benefit of doubt... But then you keep removing all doubt.

First they were dressed in black on black bikes that looked like distant cars and the road was black and shimmering. Now it was night out??

At what distance would this look like a car? At what distance would the inch between the lights look like the 4 foot gap between a standard American car's lights? Hint: it won't take a mathematician to figure this one out.

Let's go ahead and do a test. Stand back about 10 feet from your screen, look at this picture and me if you see a FLTRXBFDWTF or a car really far away.

Those Harley riders were basically asking to be run down.
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