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Day 8

We woke to a morning without rain. That in itself helps put you in the mood to do the happy dance!

We were up earlier than the breakfast that was provided started so we got ourselves and the bike all prepped. That didnít take long since we didnít need to pack a tent or our sleeping bags. We had that process down to a science. If it wasnít raining we could be dressed, packed and loaded in less than 45 minutes. Thatís to ďkick stand upĒ.

The Royal Inn & Suites was very clean, friendly and had a great place to eat breakfast. The breakfast was your typical continental but was filling and gave us the needed fuel for a long day.

The office/breakfast nook.

A friend of mine and also my wifeís uncle had been stationed at Happy Valley-Goose Bay. It was such a nice morning we couldnít pass up riding through the base and getting some recent photos.

On the way to the airbase. Yup, another pic of the hospital!

Radio Canada! The CBC.

RememberÖI was taking sign pictures now!

Getting on the base was pretty easy. Too, easy?

This base had been used as a landing site for the space shuttle as well as a few of the diverted airliners from 9/11 when airspace in the US was closed.

Pretty large area!

The Water Bomber.

What a ham!

The Height Finder Antenna

Didnít know what this one was.

Looking head on at the Voodoo Aircraft

Lookin purty in front of Air Labrador. All washed off from all the rain weíve been having. After the Dalton Highway she had a quarter inch of calcium chloride caked all over her that had to get pressure washed off. Donít know if it ever all came off!

After the Dalton:

Our first look at the Trans Lab from HV-GB. This was going to be ALL gravel from here until Red Bay. This is the most treacherous and desolate (my opinion) of the TLH. The road is fairly new and is continuously being maintained.

Does it look like itís raining to you? Yeah, me too. It was, raining that isÖ

This is also known as the Labrador Coastal Drive.

Letís see; red clay, rain, poor tires, and a grated bridge. Doesnít give a person a whole lot of good vibes, does it?

Story of my life right now. Water on the lens of the camera and my GPS says that we arenít near a road. Not that it matters. Thereís only oneÖroad that is.

It was so nice when we left the hotel and HV-GB that Dylan had not put his rain pants on. We stopped when it was pretty apparent that it wasnít going to just be a sprinkle.

Hmmm, looks like itís breaking up a bit!

Thereís a whole lot of nothing in front of us. NiceÖ. Itís peaceful, gives you a chance to contemplate life and just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

The ultimate optimists! Sunglasses in the rain!

At some point the rain quit and we were then subjected to the dust.
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