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AM in Mulege.

Ever since the shitty road to Cocos I've been noticing a rattle/banging somewhere on the bike that I can actually feel in the pegs of the bike. I only hear it on bumpy terrain and being on the throttle makes no difference. After finding nothing from a quick inspection I figure I might as well start taking the bike apart as clearly the problem was a cracked frame or some other horrible injury. Before I get a chance to pull the first piece of plastic off, Kowalski comes out and rather casually observes that there's a bolt missing under the bike that might be the problem and then goes back to his tea.

I had to conceal my joy and sense of relief as my pride took a shot in the ribs over something I should have caught after scouring the bike up and down. I convince myself it's not because Mike's an engineer of some kind, it's just because he's built closer to the ground and has a better view... Ahem. Now knowing the problem, the three of us set off across town to the hardware store and to grab breakfast.

Said bye to baby kitties

Found him a new pal

And left the two to play together

New guys coming into the Hacienda as we walked out.

Walked to the other side of town and found a fantastic breakfast spot.

If it has homemade chili, you order the chili.

Easily their best photos of the trip. Breathtaking.

Hardware obtained

On the way back we notice what looks like a castle on the hill so we hike up to investigate.

Turns out it's the old state prison. We walked up and P started a conversation with the lady that takes care of the place, 15 pesos later we're getting tour of the prison.

The tour was very professional and remarkably informative from what Mike and I could discern as neither of us speak Spanish. This unfortunately also made the tour also very boring which led us to sneak off to take this picture while the tour went on.

Temperature is getting hot already, time to head back to the Hacienda, fix the bike and head to the coast.

Helpful kitties

We pack up, say good bye to the family that runs the hotel, say bye to the kitty, and hit the road. Today is a shorty ride to the coast in search of a place to beach camp. Mike pointed out a couple spot on the map that might be a good place to look and P and I had some placed highlighted as well.

2 miles out of Mulege has us on the transpeninsular highway skirting the Bahia de Concepcion passing a number of beach campsites. We pulled off at each one and found flaws at each. Some were too windy and others had way too much trash. So we keep looking.

Take a beer break before continuing.

Finally we come around the corner and find what we're looking for. Plus there's a restaurant on the beach complete w bar :)

We set up camp and head to restaurant

We arrived before dinner, started drinking, stayed for dinner and kept drinking. A couple of guys pulled up on KLRs and joined us for a few beers. I'm probably going to screw up where they're from, but I know Andy is from Canada and Dane I believe is a Kiwi that now lives in Australia. The two of them are riding from Canada to Costa Rica where they were meeting their girlfriends before flying home and shipping their bikes. Great guys.

As the beers stacked up the evening fades away and I find myself heading to bed early to sleep it off. Stellar day.

Last minute wind precautions

Goodnight Bahia de Sandflies

UP NEXT: A couple o days in Loreto, disco Jesus and a mission in the boonies

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