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First Ride with No Mechanicals

It's less than a mile from my house to some good twisty roads and I'm a quarter mile outside the city limits of Pittsburgh. With only the occasional stop sign or traffic signal to interrupt the ride, we left on one road to return on the other and get him familiar with major intersections and the good roads.

Abandoned building photos are always interesting and they make you feel like you're far from civilization.

I led on the first loop just to show him what to watch for. Then we plotted the route home since that's kinda important. We switched leaders and he promptly ran a stop sign at 30 mph. It's not like the sign was hidden or anything - there was a 'stop sign ahead' sign. So I overtook and we talked at the next stop.

We finished the loop and headed home. I had shown him the route home a couple of times so I let him lead and he almost took us up the ramp to the main highway toward Pittsburgh. I figured he and his bike wouldn't handle anything more than 45 mph so I pulled ahead and motioned him off his path toward home. Then we saw another Chinese scoot and stopped for a photo shoot.

Navigating in an unfamiliar place is always a trial.
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