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Skopje to Peje (Kosovo)

Well this morning it was goodbye to Macedonia

And hello to Kosovo. At the border I bought the compulsory insurance, minimum is Euro 15 for 15 days.

It wasn't a long day, under 3 hours which was good as it has given me time to catch up on my washing etc!

Some of the towns I went through earlier reminded me of Morocco with all of the dust blowing around. In some towns, as you can see, the roads don't seem to be paved all the way to the shops etc, which accentuates the problem. This is Ferizaj

Lots of roadworks taking place too, it is hard work riding slowly in a queue of vehicles eating their dust (for you non bikers remember I don't have a window to close or air con to turn on)

This country has had a recent turbulent past with war etc. I have seen signs of that with ruined houses in the country (as in big holes blown in the side of them) and many memorials like,

This one to an individual

Or this one to a much bigger group. What is very upsetting here is that they were all killed the same day and four of them have the same surname which includes 13 year old twin boys.

I would love to be able to talk more with some locals about this past but I think it would be too risky, through my lack of knowledge (and maybe lack of real understanding of what it was like) and I would cause offence.

I did find out about this though. Many of the signs I have ridden past have one of the names painted out. As I thought, the name removed is the Serbian spelling of the name (who of course this country was at war with).

To finish on a brighter and then funnier note. I have struck luck through and am staying in a very nice hotel (as in maybe not appropriate to hang my washing at the window!). KT is quite happy parked in front with the Audis and Mercs!

And funnier, another globe of the world. Their geography is quite different to ours. New Zealand is upside down, not simply turned over but welded in place. Some other countries have similar problems (see it to the right of Aussie?)

I have changed my plans slightly for Montenegro. Tomorrow I will do a bigger ride and go to Petrovac on the coast. Then I have booked accommodation in Dubrovnik for two nights, my riding gear needs a wash and that will be a good opportunity to do that and hopefully get some beach time.

Looking at the maps it appears as though very soon after leaving here tomorrow I have a mountain range to go over, the road looks very windy. Fingers crossed for good weather

edit - forecast for tomorrow is crap! Off to get my wet weathers out of the pannier ready :-(
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Europe trip 2014

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