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When my son was 17 he got pulled over for speeding, I think it was for 45 or 50 in a 35. Before the LEO got out of his car my son called me and told me he had just been pulled over. I told him to be polite, answer any questions, say yes sir, no sir and to bring the ticket home with him.

A few minutes later I get another phone call, it was the LEO telling me that he had just pulled my son over for speeding. I explained that I already knew that because my son had just called me. He was surprised and said that was the first time that had happened. He explained that he usually calls the parents of kids his age because he knows we are the ones paying the insurance and this give us a chance to correct his behavior. He told me where my son was pulled over and the concerns of going too fast in that area. I told him that I appreciated that he took time to make the call and thanked him for calling.

My son got off with a warning and we got to talk about his driving habits. I believe that this LEOís action went a lot farther in getting my son to respect speed limits than just handing him a ticket.

I donít know if this helps answer your question about how your buddy gets out of tickets but I think this shows it depends a lot on the LEO that pulls him over.
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