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Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post

That being said here is my (and most police officers I know) philosophy on every traffic stop, "What is the minimum level of enforcement necessary to affect this drivers behavior?"
That's very refreshing

Along those lines I got pulled over on I69 somewhere east of Lansing. Maybe it was you?

It was 1am and I was headed towards Toronto for work. I had been in Wisconsin visiting a friend and my boss had called me asking if I could get to Toronto a day earlier than expected.

I was running around 85 in a 70. Nobody else on the road...well except for the officer. He noticed my out of state license and asked if I was headed home, which gave me an opportunity to tell him about my boss asking me to get to Toronto a day earlier and explaining why I was running I69 at 1am.

He gave me a warning and told me that there were lots of deer out at night and advised I keep my speed down. I was very happy to not have a ticket and happily took the advice and kept it down the rest of the way.

Come to think of it, my last 4 stops have been warnings. I must be getting old!
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