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My Enfield is broken. Sort-of. Along with the blown fork seal, dancing tachometer and carb popping off idle I've noticed that when I go to start it and bring the piston to TDC the ammeter doesn't deflect as it should. It has also developed an oil leak from the exhaust side rocker cover.

This all may have been a good thing. While the guys were suiting up to leave Barber's I was taking the time to top off my oil. As I was pouring the oil in I noticed a man walk by who worked there and thought to myself "I hope he doesn't yell at me for topping up right here". After I had stashed my quart and funnel this man walks over and starts talking to us, he asked how we liked the museum and what we thought of the place in general, then commented on how far we had come to see it, how many miles are we going each day, etc, etc. Then he sticks out his hand and says "I'm George Barber" I stammered "your the man?" he chuckles and says "I'm the man, hey do you guys have a few more minutes, you've made such a big trip I hate to think you missed out on something, let me bring my van around and I'll give you a tour of the grounds." YES SIR, we've got time!

Mr. Barber walked away to get his van while we yanked our helmets and jackets back off. He pulled up in a Honda minivan with the center seat removed and we piled in, Jack in the front and D and I in the rear. He drove us around the 800 and some acres and told us all about the plants, flowers, sculptures, and their collaboration with Porche. We toured the ongoing construction and he showed the best spots you can sit to watch all the races. When we went down to the paddock area he stopped and asked one of the Porche guys "anyone on the track?" "No sir, just 1 guy picking up the cones" So out we go onto the track. He was naming all the corners as we went around (at a pretty good clip) and then we exited the track back into the paddock area. He drove us back around to the bikes and we all shook hands again. We thanked him profusely but he was just as thankful that we had come down to see him!

We saddled back up and left. I was in a daze. We fueled up near the track then headed back towards Georgia. My bike popped and stalled at a light, then restarted on the 3rd kick so it wasn't that bad. I had been seeing Jacks restaurants and wanted to stop and try one, so that was our supper stop. Here's Jack at Jacks.

We decided to try a campground we had passed on the way down, and we found it without issue, Cedar Point campground. Nice owners who chatted with us a bit. We got lakeside accommodations set up before dark.

We sat around and relived our day. We were all floored with Mr. Barber. That he would make the time to take us around like that still seems amazing. This was also the first day on our trip where we had NO RAIN! Also our shortest for riding time.

Day 4 totals, Rome GA to Birmingham Al back to Leesburg Al: 8 am- 8pm 180 miles
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