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In my lovely Commonwealth, 50% of the ticket revenue goes to the State, the other 50% to the town's general fund.

An individual officer or department will never see any "benefit" from citation money.

(Unless the Chief uses increased crime/violations to argue for a larger budget... but he or she could just as easily argue the opposite, that increased budget is needed for more enforcement.)

I love traffic stops because it's a way to find the "real" criminals. Everyone complains about "chicken shit" stops, but how else do you think we manage to find the lbs of drugs, the back seat of stolen goods, or the individuals with warrants? Hell, Timothy McVeigh was caught because of a simple motor vehicle stop (and a sharp Trooper).

A much older and much wiser Officer once pointed out to me that the one weak link in all criminal operations is that they still have to get from one place to another. Every crime boss, every gang banger, every rapist... they all end up in a car at some point. Those illegal turns, those failures to signal, those 8mph over the speed limit.... that's an opportunity to start a conversation and do the "real" police work... sometimes the only opportunity.

But then there are traffic cops... those guys are just jerks.

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