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Originally Posted by PalePhase View Post
David Hough opens Proficient Motorcycling with a crash that unfolded in much this same way. It is harder to manage than the usual in-too-hot reaction because your time factor is cut seriously by your closing speed with the other rider (or car or bus or truck... er, lorry for you). I've had a couple of close calls with four-wheeler drifting over into my lane, so I do not push it on public roads. There must be enough margin to change my line any way I need to.

Yes, but you need to play a bit to know how to change your line in a corner at any speed you might ride. It takes practice moving around at whatever speeds in various manners to any place in a corner. Practice creates the fast action memory people call muscle memory to make the evasive maneuver - be it a blind decreasing radius turn, road kill, or another vehice encroaching into your lane.
Ever get lost? You know, that good kind of lost - come to a dirt road intersection and you have no idea where you are or which way to turn? I like when that happens!

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