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I have met the lunatic cop and lately the reasonable one(s).

Having no points for a long time helps. Being polite helps. Admitting fault helps. Having everything in order helps.

That being said, when I ran into the lunatic cop(Brett Seekatz, do a search), he tried to accuse me of running away from him on a 49cc scooter as I pulled into a parking lot to let the parade behind me get up a hill where I was slowing traffic.

They have cameras on the patrol vehicles and he parked very far behind me. Asked quietly why was I trying to evade him. I laughed in this loser's face and asked if he was insane.

One would hope he is off of the force already or filing paperwork in a dungeon. I had a very sour taste for law enforcement after that. When you get taken to jail because an officer decides to manipulate or coerce you into a false confession, fuck that.

Regarding revenue, there was a recent state that had to stop using citation quotas. I am too lazy to search for it. They do exist.
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