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Originally Posted by jtbek View Post
Can anyone suggest a good day trip from Oakland (in any direction) that will give me fun pavement and some dirt/fireroads/etc of a moderate skill level (not newb but not super vet)?

As a long-time bay area mc rider I'm familiar with the great road rides but looking for a day trip that will mix it up.
Here's a good one:
Get yourself up to ukiah, either by slabbing it up 101 or taking fun roads, your choice. Take talmage exit, and mill creek road (might be wrong about that name) up towards cow mt, and just ride the fire road through Cow, or jump on some trails if you feel like doing a bit more. After that, head north on 29, and then you've got a choice: head north out of upper lake to penny pines, then head east on M10 (this is the longer route), or head around the lake to clearlake oaks, then long valley road to bartlett springs road. There are other options for getting up there, but I can't remember road names very well, you'll have to look them up. Take bartlett springs road all the way over to bear valley, then south to hook up with 20 again, then cross 20 and head south on 16. If you have time, you can cut off from winters and ride the berryessa roads to get back to susuin valley.

That's a pretty long day, but it's totally doable if you keep moving, and if you want more riding of dirt or twisties, there are a lot of places to add nice riding miles.

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