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AM: Bay of Concepcion

The three of us woke up cranky this morning but cranky for different reasons. I didn't sleep all that great despite the alcohol running start mostly because of various pee breaks throughout the night and numerous bouts of leg cramps from hydrating only with beer all day yesterday. Phoenix was cranky because she was kept up all night by the dildos parked next to us with the RV who ran their generators all night long. Kowalski was cranky because he's Kowalski and thats just how Kowalski is. It's just part of his charm.

This morning I was feeling like breaking away and taking advantage of the lack of traffic cops so I departed early and agreed to meet up with P and Mike in Loreto. I stopped off and said my goodbyes to Andy and Dane and rode like an asshole all the way to Loreto.

Pull into a coffee shop for some wifi and a caffeine fix.

P and Mike show up not too long after

I'm physically out of gas and in need of tacos and a nap. P and Mike depart to find accommodations while I sit down and guard the bikes with my formidable stank. Adv bikes pass by in all directions, they're all over the town, it's cool to see the concentration down here. A couple of older guys pull up and park their 1150gs and ktm and strike up conversation. These old guys were covering some pretty aggressive miles and were just now pulling into town to try to find spot the crash for the night same as us.


P and Mike come back having found a hostel that I later recognize as the Hostel Casas Loreto I had seen in a couple RRs that I had thumbed through. We mention to the older guys what we found and they say they'll likely see us there. Great find, inexpensive and more of a cool little motel then a hostel. You get your own room, your own bathroom, your own indoor covered parking space, wifi, AC and no bed bugs. As soon as I get my key I run into my bathroom, turn on the ceiling mounted shower to cold and stand under it fully clothed to give my skanky gear a much needed wash. Perfection.

Clean and cozy

Our two new friends show up right as we step out to grab more tacos and cocktails.

There's a large outdoor shopping area in the middle of town that for foot traffic only. Lots of good little restaurants and tons of nick-knacks

Par for fish tacos in Baja would be some seriously expensive, and likely seriously inferior, tacos back in the states. I'm sure I'm missing other amazing cuisine here in Baja by being stuck on the same things but for the time being I can't get away from the fish.

Beautiful, artsy, quiet little town.

Walking back through town in the evening I poke my head in the church to see where the flashing in coming from.

Not sure why but apparently Jesus was having an led light disco dance party with music playing in the background. With a couple cocktails in my system, I was thoroughly amused by this.

Looking for a nightcap, we bump into these two strangers who just got to town.

Loreto is a must do, plenty to do, eat and see yet it's uber relaxing. Plus it's quite modern despite only having one ATM. Definitely a town worth setting aside a couple days for.

UP NEXT: Day trip to the oldest mission in Baja

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