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Originally Posted by BergDonk View Post
Its moulded onto the sidewall along with all the other stuff 'Made in XXXXX'.

The rubber has a different sheen to it too, Thai ones are shinier. Czecho ones last the same as a Mitas E09 with the same 'sheen to them', so presumably the same formula. Thai ones, about 60-70% life. This is with a couple of each to date on my DR, so I didn't just read it on the 'net. Still a limited sample though. I actually have a Thai T63 on right now, so more testing to come, as soon as its alive again. Real soon now in fact.

'Mi' in Mitas is Michelin, who are major shareholders.

They may also be made elsewhere. Michelin has factories all over, including Spain and France that I've had their tyres from before.
Yep Thanks BergDonk. Had a closer look at my current T-63 rear and yes it has Made in Thailand on it. It does seem to be wearing more quickly than my previous T-63s. Still a good tyre though, I like 'em.

Do you know how one goes about making sure they get one made in Czecho or is it 'luck of the draw' ?
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