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Thursday, July 17: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania --> Forksville, Pennsylvania.

Sorry to throw 'er into reverse gear, but let's rewind to Wednesday night at the SoPaRider (and SoPaGuider) house. Gotta get a dinner pic. That's my hosts Jeff (L) and Karen (R)---at least the lower half of their faces. Considering we were eating dinner, I guess the "mouth" part of the face was the important part. And I got that.

Good food and good company...

Leaving Chambersburg, PA...

Thursday morning couldn't possibly begin without a pic of my host Jeff rustling up my fine breakfast in the kitchen.

Jeff just about ready to serve Doc's breakfast...

He did a darn good job, but I forgot to take a foto of the actual breakfast. Try not to make that mistake again. Although Jeff does a lot of DS riding (I wouldn't want to try to keep up with him) he seems to have at least minimal interest in Wotan...

"Hmm, what happens if I push THIS button?"

The first half-mile leaving Jeff & Karen's house was so pretty I had to take another pic. Sorry I forgot about the impatient car behind me...

Green! Pennsylvania is so GREEN!

Hey, another RIVER comin' up...get the camera set! Oops, almost missed it...

I believe this is the Susquehanna River.

Following the E bank of the Susquehanna River...

Shortly after leaving the Harrisburg area I took route PA 147 along the E bank of the Susquehanna River. It was 2-lane, and carried a relatively low (for the east) traffic volume. And---surprise!---it was pretty darned GREEN.

Following PA hwy 147 on the E bank of the Susquehanna River.

The small towns along PA 147 were charming, at least to my "dry" New Mexico palate. One had this cool old-fashioned bandstand. And I had to make a U-turn to got back and get this photo. Just to let you know the lengths to which I'll go for Nothing is too much for you folks.

They're not makin' any more of these old-timey bandstands (or whatever they're called.)

At a fuel stop (trucker place) a good ol' boy trucker named "Jeff" strolled over (not to be confused with Jeff my host in Chambersburg) and we started discussing BMW GS's, Triumphs, and riding in general. He assured me that I would have a lovely ride today. Shoulda got a pic of Jeff but I forgot (just like the previous guy...recall the "Red" story). BTW, Jeff was really knowledgeable: for example, he knew the GSW water-cooling was mainly for the cylinder heads. I REALLY enjoy chatting about bikes with people that know their stuff, as I (not tryin' to be immodest) think I do...

In my "mid-day update" I mentioned my lunch stop in Milton, PA, and the great oldies soundtrack. Anyone else share my taste in music? Didn't think so...

PA route from Williamsport to Forksville.

Shortly before Williamsport, PA (I think that's the location of the Little League World Series---didja tell about my 3rd son Keith's time as a Little League pitcher and his 65 mph fastball?) I turned NE on PA 87, which began pretty...

Ain't north-central Pennsylvania pretty?

...and got even prettier:

Man, the country I'm traversing just gets better!

Y'know, Mrs. Greg has been telling me for 40 years how beautiful Pennsylvania is (she grew up in State College, PA), but every time (OK, I've only been thru PA twice) I've come thru PA it's been RAINING. Not so this time. Not by a long shot. And Mrs. Greg (Annie, BTW) was RIGHT.

At inmate PA RIDER's place near Forksville, PA...

From the description of this place: 45 acres on a remote Pennsylvania hilltop...I REALLY wanted to stop here. And I wasn't disappointed.

This is a foto of the road into PA RIDER's place...even prettier!! I gotta get outta the New Mexico desert and move here...well, there IS January and February. And that big storm a couple weeks ago that tore things up. On second thought...well, getting back to the road, here 'tis:

Howdja like to live at the end of THIS road?

And I swear...I've died and GONE TO HEAVEN yet again. Check out the view from PA RIDER's balcony? I could look at this for hours (and I just about did...)

What a view!! And even a gazebo to keep the bugs at bay (there weren't any).

A few of PA RIDER (John) kids were visiting briefly...riders all.

More riders in the family...

Dinner, etc.

Naturally we gotta have some dinner pics. Check out the view from the dining table?

BTW, that's John's lovely wife Heather in the pic. What a great dinner she made!

How could I eat?...I was starin' out the window the whole time. Ok, ok, not the whole time; the food was too good. Starting with the salad...

The salad was GOOD...

Then the entree (lasagna)...Heather said the "layering" wasn't proper but my stomach couldn't tell the difference...

The entree was BETTER...(as usual, ate some before I remembered the pic...)

The the dessert (peach cobbler)...I've died and gone to...wait, you've heard this before. Sorry.

The dessert was THE BEST!!

That's it---I'm stuffed. I'll return home 20 lb heavier (I actually lost 15 lbs during my abdominal illness, but I'd rather not gain it ALL back...)

Finally, I'm gonna throw in three more pictures of John's house to make you all jealous that YOU don't live here. Makes me jealous, too. No, not jealous, just happy that SOMEONE gets to live in such a beautiful place.

Again, this place is just, well, it's just gorgeous.

Conclusion and plans for the morrow...

Once again, I'm at a loss for words regarding the hospitality of people like John and Heather. I'm so truly grateful to them for putting up a heathen like me. I was kinda down this morning, but every time that happens, something GOOD happens to turn me around. Kind of a law of karma or something.

The only BUMMER is that John's WiFi network is down, and AT&T doesn't see fit to support this area, so I have no connectivity. I'm writing this RR Thursday night, but I can't post it till probably lunch Friday. So you'll just have to wait.

Wotan's runnin' great, the weather is still unbelievably good (high temp today was maybe 75 F), and my spirit is once again on track.

Not sure about tomorrow. There are two inmates I could stay with in Oneonta and Cooperstown and longtime friend Colin in East Meredity (NY). But after all the "human interaction" I might just stay by myself. Yeah, I'll be by myself for a whole week (well, six day, since I'll get to Vermont a day late), so I suppose I should try to stay with someone.

That's it for tonight.

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