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Friday morning update: Forksville, Pennsylvania.

Friday morning dawned a little cloudy (or so I thought), but turned into yet ANOTHER gorgeous morning. Lit bit of fog in the valleys to give us some diversity:

Is that the valley of the Withywindle out there?

Unfortunately, Heather spied a forest rat; I felt obligated to snap a pic. They are THICK around here. "O Lord, protect Dr. Greg from the forest rats..."

Nice forest rat; just stay off the road.

As you know---if you've followed this RR---I'm getting used to breakfast cooked to order. Heather didn't disappoint, although she didn't center the egg yolk (funny story about that for later...)

Mmmm, good. Dr. Greg is pampered yet again.

Finally, I'd given Heather some dirty clothes to wash (she suggested it, bless her heart). She pointed to a pile of folded clothes...FOLDED! When I DO finally get to my resort in Vermont, I'm gonna have to take care of myself. Thanks gonna be TOUGH...

She even FOLDED my clothes...

Dunno where I'm gonna stop tonight; the "hosting" possibilities are not really as far as I'd like to go, so I might...well, I might stay somewhere else.

I absolutely cannot believe my wonderful luck with the weather, the hospitality I've been shown, and all the great stuff I have (e.g. Wotan).

Maybe I've said this before, but we are SO BLESSED (or lucky, or whatever) to have such a beautiful country AND the freedom to travel within it.

See ya down the road...


Friday mid-day update (since I couldn't post any of the previous content till now)

Just a few notes...

1. I am ticked off at the Depts. of Transportation in their approach to historical markers. In particular, here in NY, there is NO WARNING for a historical marker---there is NO WAY you could ever stop in time (cuz here in the east there's always someone on yer tail...). Humph.

2. It occured to me one reason I like "Sixteen Reasons" by Connie Stevens and "I Love How You Love Me" by the Paris Sisters: Both of those songs are in the key of B-flat. You may recall that I have perfect (I can tell a note/chord/key by hearing it). Ah yes, good ol' can read about the Paris Sisters Here. Sherrel, Albeth, and Priscilla Paris...I love 'em all. OK, ok, enough.

3. Traveling alone people talk to you. When I stopped for a break somewhere in NY, I noticed a rather elderly gentleman (sitting in the passenger seat) of an SUV at a gas pump...he was eyeing me closely. Rather than take offense, I waved and strolled over to chat. "Hey young feller, I used to ride a Henderson..." And the conversation was on. What a cool old guy! I love those chance encounters.

All right, I'm done. Prolly not gonna get to my lodge in Vermont tonight (spent too much time at lunch working on this crummy RR). I could make it, but I hate riding too late in the day (and the latter part of the ride would be in the mountains). Dadgum FOREST RATS, of course. I'm absolutely paranoid.

OK fellers, almost there. Then I'm gonna take a day off the bike. Ridden approximately 2,500 miles so far. Oh yeah, the BMW R1200GSW turned over 20,000 miles this morning, but I missed it. Oh, well...

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