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Originally Posted by Human Ills View Post
Then kindly butt out, you aren't subject to the powertripping abuse of authority here in the states.

That cops 'community activist' comment, while a swipe at obama, was also a swipe at me or my friends and comrades.

Reminds me of the time I was on a radio call-in with the SF police chief and I challenged some things he had said about the use of public space during the occupy heyday, his response, quote 'just the homeless' demonstrates how insidious and systemic the problem is.

A few of them may be drawn by the idea of serving the public good, but the evidence is mounting that far too many to be ignored are serving other, competing interests.
I'll butt out when you take your shit to CSM where it belongs.

Otherwise this remains a general conversation about cops interacting with bikers.
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