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I got a speeding ticket in the cage a couple weeks ago- a fast downhill run over a ridge- a highway absurdly set with a 55 limit- its SO easy to get sucked into the downhill. Halfway down theres a rest area providing convenient view of the highway- the state highway patrol sets their radar there so they zap everybody at their max speed going down the hill ( no exits/entraces for a couple miles well after the road levels out- pretty much a full on highway w/ 55mph limit).

He clocked me at 73-ish, I did not play the jerk apologized for the hill sucking me in and he reduced my fine to the minimum his system would accept ($35 or so)- presumably by pulling me over he was committed to a ticket. On the fine there were 2 other charges totalling $85 or so of administrative fees, and a very short duration to pay before the court date was set pretty much forcing an online payment which incurred another $3 "convenience fee".

So maybe the speed trap is not a revenue-making enterprise but the local PA gov't sure got their pound of flesh. The magnitude of the "administrative fees" was illustrative... I'm sure no schools got anything but I sure did my share to help pay for office furniture upgrades etc..
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