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If you get puled over around here and its under $250.00 you are a PBA member or some big shot.

Just one example, out riding my 1969 Triumph I just got back together after a total restore, and a woman in an suv pulls out right in front of me.
I go over the double yellow and pass so the dimwit knows she just pulled out in front of me.
The unmarked suv that was behind me pulls me over and tells me, yes, they pulled out in front of you but you could have TRIED to stop.
And with drum brakes, if i could not and hit the suv I would be charged with that and littering bike parts on the road?

In court, I taked to the people running the show and got it down to a $300.00 no seat belt ticket (no points), no points means they get to keep all the money.
Evesham NJ, small town, like most they have about 75 police.

I am a nice guy, always help everyone, I am not a biker type, never have an attitude, and never got a break from the police since I was 14 and started riding bikes in the dirt.

I have never had an accident, never hurt anyone, even myself, and they have made a LOT of money off me over the years.
Fun tax, and I feel sorry for them, how would you like a job where you had to be a jerk all day long for money?
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