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I've been pulled over about 4 times over many years. I'm always respectful and don't argue (I got pulled over for a reason, duh), but I've only "gotten out of" a ticket once. Except for one, the officers have always been very nice and usually apologize for the ticket. The only time things got strange was my mom's fault, she started arguing with the officer! (I just sat there and hoped my car seat would sink through the floor or something). He told her he could justify changing the ticket from a parking violation to a moving violation. Wait a minute! Mom, stop! Besides, you're the one who said "just pull over quick in front of the building and I'll hop out....."

My grandfather was a California highway patrolman. Most gentle man I've ever known. We were in downtown San Diego, got lost, wasn't watching carefully and I went across an intersection from a dedicated right hand turn lane. We were pulled over. Rats. I told him what happened, pled stupidity. Then my grandma piped up "I'm the widow of an ex highway patrolman!" What do you do when you have an admitted dumb tourist driving with her grandma pulling the "widow of an ex highway patrolman" card? Warning.
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