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This trip was almost a full year of obsession and preparation. Hard to believe this is my last evening in Banff. I will cross over into the land of the free some time tomorrow around midday. Will be interstating it to Great Falls Montana looking for a good campsite and then heading towards Spearfish Sunday, which happens to be my 50th birthday. I'm doing a little side trip to Devils Tower in Wyoming and May camp thereabouts if it gets late on me. If not Sunday night, I will meet up with Amber and spend a couple of nights in Spearfish South Dakota so she can show me her old stomping grounds. You'll notice there has been very little posting regarding fishing. The fish are winning. I have only landed the one little guy I posted a picture of a few days ago, and hooked a couple of others. I opted out of hiring a guide because they are about 4 times as expensive here than they are in other places I've hired guides. No biggy but it proves that a good guide is indispensable when fishing unfamiliar territory. Gonna give it one last shot tonight.
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