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My first ever Alabama morning. Looks like rain.

I should mention that I had made no route plans for coming home. We had discussed going to a few different southern towns if time would allow, so rather than making up a bunch of possible itineraries I thought it would be easier to wing it. Once we subtracted the time we had used from the time we had remaining it became readily apparent that we wouldn't be doing much more traipsing. We spread some maps on our lakeside picnic table and had a planning session, notice that D figured out how to set the timer on his camera!

Our plan for today is to try and make southern Virginia tonight by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We only have to get back out of Alabama, through Georgia, cattycorner up North Carolina and we're there. So just past 7am we're on the road.

I want to thank D for these "in the wind"esque shots. He wanted pictures of us traveling in Alabama.

It isn't raining yet and I still wanted to get a look inside my points cover, so when we got back over the Georgia line we stopped for gas and a Moon Pie, and then I broke out the tools.

I found nothing. No moisture, things look fine, so I put it back together and we're off again. I'm thinking if I had a spare set of points I'd throw them in just because, but I don't, and I doubt they stock them at Auto Zone either. I'm still running fine as long as we don't hit any heavy rain.

We made our way back north-east through Georgia traveling on the route we had planned to use when we came south-west... before the missed turn in Fairmount, remember Fairmount? When we hit the intersection we missed coming south I stopped and sat there waiting for a chance to pull out. It seems that's a pretty busy stretch of road on a weekend morning. I finally pick a slot, then pull over to wait for the other guys to get out. Once we're all moving we make it to the far side of town and start down a bit of a grade, well I do anyways. I realized I'm all by myself so I stop and wait. A few cars go by but no sign of my crew, so I make a U-turn and head back up the hill. At the top I see Jack and D pulled off at a side street so I turn in to see what's up. D hands me my camera case and says "Dad saw this fly off your bike". I look down and see my right toolbox hanging open.

Good fortune I don't carry much in there, usually just a spare sparkplug and my owners card/ insurance papers. I was stashing the camera case with spare batteries for this trip, wonder where my paperwork is?

Now I'm backtracking slowly, standing on the pegs so I can see into the ditch, all the way back to the intersection that we couldn't pull out from. No paperwork. All the way back to Jack and D. No paperwork. I tell D "I'll run down the hill to where I turned around, If I don't find it, oh well." Part ways down the hill I see a familiar looking zip-lock in the grass of the berm. The Enfield rocks to a stop about 10 feet past it, and I try to back the bike nearer so I can pick it up, but my feet simply slide on the asphalt. Dangit! I look over my shoulder and can't see the other guys, I'm too far down the hill. The road is busy enough that it wouldn't be safe to set the bike on the stand, the white line is literally 6" from the grass that quickly slopes into the ditch. I can't even get off the road! I look ahead and...Huh? Here's a pedestrian. She's maybe 20yds ahead on the opposite side of the road heading my way. I give the horn a friendly toot and wave to her, and she gets this big grin and starts jiggling her way across the street. At about 10 feet her smile gives way to a more crestfallen visage as she notices the load on my bike.

"Good morning, could you hand me that baggie please?"
"Thank you"
"you're welcome"

And I made another U-turn back to D and Jack. We fixed up my toolbox so it wouldn't open again.

And continued on our way.
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