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AM in Loreto

First thing this morning, Abel greets us with a smiling face and big pot of coffee. Love that guy, he runs a tight ship and couldn't be any more proud of his hostal. He should be, the place is exceptional. The three of us get our gear on for a ride but have already decided to stay another night for the sake of doing Loreto justice and finally picking one spot to be for a couple of days for relaxation's sake. It's easy to get wound up with trying to push for miles and forget to slow down and plug into each town. On trip advisor I read up about the old mission up in the mountains above Loreto, we're all in and that's the plan. From all outward appearances, it looks like a hell of a ride and some decent scenery.

At the same time were pushing off for the mission, the old dogs were mounting up and heading out of town. We said our goodbyes, they headed North, we headed South. Great bikes, cool guys and accomplished riders.

Immediately off of hwy 1 on to the road to San Javier, you pass an interesting looking roadhouse, the road turns to dirt and starts getting windy as you climb. Turns out to only be a half our ride or so, but beautiful and just like every other road in Baja it's full of surprises like pot holes, honkey shit and heavy equipment.

Throwing up the horns

I'm not sure how I either didn't take pictures of this or simply deleted the pictures I have, but on the road to San Javier, periodically you would have water crossings. Not deep, not muddy and no more then an inch to 5 inches deep of water. However, the algae growing on the pavement at the water crossings was slicker then snot. You could literally fall just trying to walk across it let alone drive a 600lb metal pig over it. We had been hauling ass, flying around corners and flying over the water crossings until I damn near ate shit while crossing with the bike nearly straight up. As soon as I had my near miss I slammed the brakes hard, jumped off the bike and warned the others. For the next 3 increasingly wider algae water crossings we all walked our bikes across each section as even a slow crash on snotty cement wouldn't feel great.

Alas, we arrive at San Javier.

We're all hungry, hot as balls and ready for a break from the heat so we hit one of the two restaurants in the square.

So nice.

This guy had just arrived from his garden with a supply of massive peas. He kept walking by and putting peas on the table for us to try and told us where he lived if we wanted to see his plants. This man was mighty proud of his peas.

Hungry perro negro

The mission

The old man's garden

Tres Bozos

We head back, take a nap, wander around town and start looking for food. Found a fantastic little pizza place. We strike up a conversation with a table of gringos next to us, turns out the couple built and started and sold the road house off of San Javier road and suggested we check it out. They also mentioned that they now live up in Scorpion bay and should stop by if we pass through later in the trip.

This dog cracked me up.

Full of pizza and with a decent buzz, we wander around town and hit the water front.

Posing w garbage cans. Not really sure what the hell we were doing but we had a good time.

Too stuffed to breathe properly we call it an early night and hit the sack. Tomorrow morning I'm taking off solo to check out a dirt road I saw by the mission that connects through to the highway on the pacific side then ride down to La Paz and check out some stomping grounds I haven't seen in 15 years. Might also grab a beer at the roadhouse while I'm at it.

UP NEXT: Solo, sand and sweat. Loreto to La Paz.

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