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As we headed south I noticed a billboard for Big-uns' Barbeque. Now we're heading back north and it's near enough to lunchtime, so I pull into the lot.

I'd never tried it, so I ordered the brisket with a baked potato and sweet tea.

Jack & D had the Big Mess, or some such. We didn't leave hungry! I even picked up 2 jars of preserves for my wife. Scuppernong and Muscadine. I had to re-pack some stuff on the bike to make the jelly fit, and while I was at it I used some parachute cord to tie my other toolbox shut too. I'd been worrying about the chance of that one breaking ever since Fairmount.

So far the rain hadn't begun, but our chances of not running into it were looking bleak. At least we're used to it.

Georgia smoothly passed beneath our wheels, we only got crossed-up 1 time when the route we were on stopped at the stairs of a courthouse. Seriously. We just made a left then a right into a side street and stopped for a pow-wow. I was about to go up to a policeman who was parked nearbye, but he hit the rollers and tore off after somebody who must've been even more lost than we were. so we were left to find our own way.

Shortly thereafter we crossed back into North Carolina, and a Ronnie Milsap song.

Things weren't looking especially good for a bike that doesn't want heavy rain. All the black clouds I'd been watching all day seemed to be converging directly above the hills we were about to be riding through. We suited up and headed out into the thick of it.

The first downpour we got to had me sputtering away and slowing down, then the rain sputtered and slowed and I sped back up. We were heading into a valley and ran into an especially heavy downpour and my bike almost shut off again, so when I noticed some shelter I headed for it.

We got there just before choir practice, so we chatted with the preacher a bit, and waited for the heavy rain to pass.

Between showers I tore a sparkplug box apart and used the dry paper to burnish my points, but that didn't help. I decided that in this weather my bike isn't safe to run, so I'm going to have to get somewhere to tear it down a bit. I'm thinking now that I've got a cracked or rubbed through wire somewhere that's shorting out when it gets wet. Points are staying dry even in the big wet ones, so I'll look somewhere else.
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