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going to Hovsgol Lake

Hi guys,

it is time for the next update

Day 23, Monday, 5 August 2013

We leave the hotel at 10 in the morning. The first 10 km are with asphalt. The plan is to put asphalt all the way to UB. Considering this ďspeedĒ they are working with, I donít know how many years this would take.

Mongol money

The landscape is dry. Far away on our right there are the mountains which we had planned to pass in our previous trip in 2010; we had in plan to pass them this year also, but we gave up, especially because of the short time left. On our left side there is Uvs Lake, a UNESCO heritage.

Leaving the main road we turn right towards the lake. When the surface is too sandy we leave the bikes and continue on our feet. The lake is like a sea.

On the other side of the lake, there is Tuva Republic.

View towards the mountains

From the Uvs Lake we continue towards Baruunturuun. We think again at the idea of passing the mountains and we turn right towards Malchin. We arrive in this village but some people tell us to go back to the main road. We are not in time so we go back. Maybe the 3rd time weíll be lucky.

From time to time, Bogdan with Andrei stop to wait for me. Now, its lunch time.

As we go east the landscape becomes nicer.

In Baruunturuun we stop for fueling. Itís almost evening so we go to search for a place to put the tent.

After 20 km from the village we see a yurt and we go to ask the permission to put the tent near it. After we install the tents they invite us inside the yurt and they treat us with some milk-tea, yogurt, and cheese. One of the men inside is dead-drunk lying on the floor.

Something begins moving in my stomach - I think thatís because of the fermented milk - and I donít sleep very well.

Day 24, Tuesday, 6 August 2013

We pack the tents first. Some curios goats are coming to see what we are doing.

The yurt

We cook some travel food.

Today we change the strategy a little. We decide for some meeting points on the track because the guys are riding twice faster then I do.

There is a stopped car in the middle of the road. Someone raises the hand towards me. I stop and the driver asks me some water.

The road, as seen from his majesty handlebar, Shineray Mustang

I meet Robert Erlic, a guy from Germany, on his way around the world. Heís riding a Honda Transalp.

Eventually I arrive in Tes village. My friends have just finished the lunch.

I go inside to ask for some food. The menu of the day: sheep soup with a lot of fat and pasta with minced meat. Bogdan tried to ask here for some grilled meat, but without success.

We continue. There are some sand dunes.

Shineray Mustang

KTM 990 Adventure


Bogdan with Andrei have more time for taking photos

But I too, stop from time to time

I catch them up

We meet again

Tsetserleg village

We stop a little for fuel and to make our evening shopping

Somewhere today the hour changed and we didnít know.

We stop again to a yurt. This time there is a big and friendly family and we feel very good. After we put the tents we are invited inside and we are treated very well. One of the girls speaks a little English.

I show them where is Romania on the map

Day 25, Wednesday, 7 August 2013

In the morning we begin taking pictures of them and we give them some prints. I also give to the kids some crayons which I took as a gift from Bucharest.

They put a carpet outside the yurt and begin to eat. I go to them and I eat some fresh yogurt and butter.

We say goodbye and go further, towards Hovsgol Lake.
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