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After leaving the train, we headed north through Cumbras Pass into Colorado; I regret that my camera had given up the ghost, as this section was incredible, awesome radiused curves though alpine meadows on par with anything we had seen on this trip. As things started to level out and look like New Mexico, we happened across this burned out old church, cemetery hiding in the back ground

Walking through the old cemetery, one could just imagine Clint Eastwood or Lee Van Cleef stepping from behind a tombstone. Seeing the graves of so many children made me reflect on how badly people want themselves and their kin to be remembered; for that reason I have always loved cemeteries. I can't help but think that the dead would appreciate a little bit of attention or they families wouldn't have went to the expense and toil to erect memorials. This little guy died 4 days before I was born, now I have to think that anyone who even knew of his existence is gone from the face of te earth.

By God, Woodrow; it's been one hell of a party.
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