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Personally, I have no problem with either, it's the unwillingness to cause other drivers to flip out which keeps me splitting same direction only
That and the fact you can't split on the center line legally.

But I have "shared the lane" with an oncoming motorcycle trying to pass an idiot. I have passed idiots when the oncoming riders intentionally move to their right to split their oncoming lane with me giving me room to pass. (The cager I was passing? Shit bricks and lit up the tires, almost taking out all of us when the SUV started fishtailing.)

Maybe it is just years of riding/racing a bicycle, sometimes at 40mph or more, in a peloton that means I don't sweat close tolerances.

I probably should, considering my fellow riders are generally not as skilled as I am by their own admission.
When I lead rides I always stay off the throttle to avoid exploding the field, even though I generally have half to 2/3 the displacement of all the other bikes.
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