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Saturday in Real de Catorce

Saturday July 19th

An interesting german guy who interprets the I Ching.

The low point in Real de Catorce traps the tourists. On the right girls traveling together, on the left the middle age moto group, "The Snails" (great name actuallly), riding quads. These guys were friendly enough, but pretty loud and drunk. In the middle, behind the KLR, the german interested in shamanism, who is kind of angry about the music blasting from the mega watt sound system on one of The Snails quads.

This guy was working really hard to get into town.

The hills outside of town are sublime. And four legs is the best way to travel through this landscape.

Graves crowding and jostling in front of the chuch at the old cemetary.

The graveyard behind the church seems to be a botanists paradise. Maybe it's the horseshit or the humanshit or the decomposing bodies. The flora is beautiful, the air is filled with rich smells and the sound of buzzing bees.

A Huichole girl explaining the traditional iconography.

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