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Things are happening fast out here. I'm two months into the season and feels like the September finish is coming up real quick. We don't really get a lot of days off, which is fine by me as long as I keep making money for the off season.

It's been hard to stay current on here when you're working 10-12 hour days that transition into immediate socialization with 20 other guides right after. I spent some time getting caught up on news and events here and it seems like a lot's been going on. Finally got current with Ed's thread only to see that it looks like he went rogue and got shut down. Interesting...
Then there's Harry Devert. I'm never one to dwell on the bad possibilities, but it hits close to home when someone bites the dust doing the same thing in the same place you're planning on going. It won't deter me, but I'm definitely going to hit the language lessons as hard I can before heading across the border to Mexico this November. I've also gotten a few clients from Mexico City up here and pried them for all the advice I could.

But I feel like it makes more sense to worry more about the realities of finances than anything else. I think that as long as I keep rolling along with the same attitude I've had since entering the workforce, I'll be ok.
And that is: I don't need to make much, just as long as I spend less than I make. I don't care if my net worth is small, just as long as it's above $0.

I'm really liking my gig up here. I'm pretty positive this will be my summer base to fund riding around Oct-April every year until I can cover the globe, even if it's just in 6-7 month increments. I'll also be up front as possible about the budget and finances, especially since everyone's usually curious (I am too). I think I should have around $6-7k for six months to ride to South America this season. That could be cutting it close with the Darien gap and having to fly back at the end of the season, but worse comes to worse I can buy the ticket on the credit card or dive into my huge nest egg 401k balance of $2200 bucks. Hopefully in future seasons I can save around $10k after I get a little more seniority here.

It scares me when people say they spend $25k for a year on the road. I can't even fathom having that amount of cash around. My budget will be much closer to the $1k/ month range.
Hope that works. Either way all I can do is save some bones, try and not go too crazy at the bar here and we'll see how far it gets me.
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