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Originally Posted by MartiniUp View Post
Hope they keep doing it. I am a sr rider and having trouble with mental telepathy.
With all due respect, please see ADV "Big Rule" #9...

9. No Spam. Selling your own junk is cool but limited to the Flea Market. Selling multiple items of the same product is considered a sale by vendor, so Vendor forum. Soliciting inmates via Private Message is spam. If it's not related to motorcycling, it's spam. If we see it we nuke it and probably you.

GNATSASS & We Ride, LLC are for-profit ventures selling seats on an organized ride - perfectly fine, and perhaps even a decent deal for those looking for a tour guide. But this is not a vendor's thread, and seeing posts like these are like watching someone use the exit-only lane to pass traffic. It's only a victimless crime till everyone else does it and turns the whole regional thread to a steamy pile of circus barkers and snake oil.

Please stop - PRETTY please with sugar on top.

If you "don't know where else to post these" and "apologize if (you) have offended anyone???" kindly explore the link on the front page that says "ADV Rules." This thread is for the no-good dirty senior, junior, expert, and n00b inmates who take the time to research their riding opportunities, make like-minded friends who want to hang out and ride with them, and do so without compensation. The FF's looking to pay someone's rent to avoid this process know where to look (or should), obviating the need for telepathy and other such nonsense.
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