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I never leave the helmet on the bike unless I'm with 15 feet and looking right at it. I got into the habit in high school. My particular circle friends specialized in practical jokes and nothing was off limits. Fortunately, as we were a rather dimwitted bunch, there was no elaborate scheming; our hijinks were primarily limited to targets of opportunity.

There was only one other guy at school that rode a bike, Tony. Tony, was the type that wanted to fight over any transgression and insult, real or imagined and he left his helmet hanging on the bars all the time. When I saw this, I immediately recognized the opportunity and resolved never to leave myself exposed.

During our senior year, while walking in to school one morning, one of my friends, Dan, jumped at the opportunity. Thinking the bike and helmet were mine, filled the helmet with wet, muddy turf. Needless to say, Tony wasn't happy. Discovering his faux pas, Dan actually fessed up and apologized.
Violent tendencies aside, Tony was neither very big nor very tough. Dan was both. Dan was able to evade the few punches that were thrown and, wrapping Tony up in a half nelson/choke hold until he tired/relented, avoided having to throw any of his own. After the cessation of hostilities, Dan even offered to clean out the helmet but Tony refused (in so many words) and marched off in righteous indignation.

Tony and I had a laugh about it at our 30 yr reunion (Dan was unable to attend).
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